• Question: Why only London schools. for your prize. even if you grew up there. there are other struggling schools. dont you agree?

    Asked by florencebeanbag to Usaid on 19 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by holly13.
    • Photo: Usaid Rauf

      Usaid Rauf answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Thanks for posting this question offline florence. I was typing out an answer to this in the Live Chat earlier today but I ran out of time to send my message.

      Before I answer your question, please hear me out with the following: I didn’t enter I’m an Engineer for the prize (I didn’t know it existed until I filled the application form). I entered because I wanted to answer the questions you have. I’m typing this right now because I want you to be inspired by engineering – the subject – not me. I want you to see engineering like I see it. What matters to me most is your opinion of this subject that is awesome.

      In a nutshell, yes I agree with you and you’re right about struggling schools in other parts of the country – not just London. The problem is I don’t know how far my prize will go, and whether I can make something national of it. Maybe it can be national, for all schools. However, I would rather start off small and make a success of that first, so I chose London because it’s easier for me to help out (since I live and work there). If all goes well, I might spread to a regional, then maybe national prize. Growing up, I’ve learnt that “change starts at home”. So, I will try to change my home first and try to make it an example for the country.