• Question: Why did you all enter this competition?

    Asked by zxnoregretsxz to Becky, Carrie, Kelly, Robin, Usaid on 13 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by fcmatty1999.
    • Photo: Caroline Roberts Haritonov

      Caroline Roberts Haritonov answered on 12 Mar 2012:

      I entered the competition, just to have the chance to share a bit of what I do and my enthusiasm for engineering with young people like you who are faced with decisions on what to do with your lives. I think engineering can be very mis-understood, and yet we need more young people to go into engineering to help create a better future for all.

    • Photo: Robin Stafford Allen

      Robin Stafford Allen answered on 12 Mar 2012:

      @zxnoregretsxz: I love sharing my enthusiam for the craft and creative pleasure of engineering. As I said in a different answer I almost went into teaching at one point, partly because I have loved teaching sailing as a hobby an partly because I enjoy showing people arounf JET and talking about the Energy Crisis and Fusion. Regards Robin

    • Photo: Becky Selwyn

      Becky Selwyn answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      I wanted to share my enthusiasm and experience of engineering with you. A lot of young people get put off engineering because nobody has explained what it involves. Hopefully once you have read all of our stories, you will have a better idea and less people will think we just fix cars!