• Question: What do you like about being an engineer

    Asked by crowbar to Usaid, Robin on 19 Mar 2012. This question was also asked by putptso01.
    • Photo: Usaid Rauf

      Usaid Rauf answered on 19 Mar 2012:

      Thanks for your question.

      I like to solve big, complex problems. I think engineers have tough challenges, one of which is energy security in the future, among many others. Engineers get to work on massive projects that are really important to the countries they work in. There are not many jobs that provide such opportunities or such excitement. Being an engineer means you can also do your same job in a variety of industries such as power, medicine and even banking. Engineers also get to travel quite a lot, depending on the project you’re working on.

    • Photo: Robin Stafford Allen

      Robin Stafford Allen answered on 23 Mar 2012:

      @crowbar: INtersting tag… • Explaining why things happen, but by using numbers and equations. Engineering and Physics are fairly closely related with engineering requiring you to be more “practical” than “theoretical” in most cases. I like being constructive with my hands and so find engineering very satisfying.
      I had the most amazing father who was an aeronautical engineer (designs aeroplanes) and was a flight engineer in the RAF in the war. He used to encourage me to take the lawnmower or the rotivator to bits and repair them, and then I had a small motorbike (BSA) and my first car when I was 12, which of course could only be driven about 50 yards as it was not, of course, allowed on the roads (it was too old and i was too young!), but I could take it to bits and put it back together to keep it going. Regards Robin
      regards Robin