• Question: Do you work with anyone overseas?

    Asked by jordan to Carrie, Becky on 13 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Caroline Roberts Haritonov

      Caroline Roberts Haritonov answered on 12 Mar 2012:

      Yes, I do a lot of work with oil companies in Norway (I’m in Norway as I write this, at Stavanger airport on my way to do a design review at a company 2 hours outside of Oslo), and with America (partculary Houston). As part of my work I have also worked with and visited Malaysia, Nigeria, Italy, India, Abu Dhabi and France.

    • Photo: Becky Selwyn

      Becky Selwyn answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      I work in Bristol at the moment and we have a lot of people coming from other universities to do placements with us. Over the last 18 months I have worked closely with 3 students from France. I also work in a small group of people doing similar projects – one person comes from Malaysia, one from China, one from Algeria and a couple from the UK. I think this summer there is a student coming from Japan to work with my supervisor, so I will be working with them too. And my office is full of people from all over the world working on different projects. I also get to meet other people when I go to conferences to see what other people are working on and to present my work. The last one was in Australia, attended by people from 60 different countries. The next one will be a bit smaller and is in the Netherlands.