• Question: Do you ever go round to Schools/Universities and talk to students about your work?

    Asked by jayj to Becky, Carrie, Kelly, Robin, Usaid on 14 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Robin Stafford Allen

      Robin Stafford Allen answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      Yes, I have been to several schools and universities to talk about nuclear fusion and the work that we do at CCFE. We also have schools visit the site and I sometimes give a technical talk and sometimes take them round as a tour guide. It is a lot of fun sometimes and people come up with really interesting questions. Regards Robin

    • Photo: Caroline Roberts Haritonov

      Caroline Roberts Haritonov answered on 13 Mar 2012:

      Yes, I am a STEM ambassador, that means I go into schools and talk about science, technology, engineering and maths and about my work. I also help on activities in schools that help make STEM subjects interesting to young people, like the K’nex challenge, schools science clubs, etc. I love being able to share a bit about what I do and see young people getting interested in science and engineering subjects and the opportunities they provide

    • Photo: Becky Selwyn

      Becky Selwyn answered on 14 Mar 2012:

      I haven’t been to any schools but I have presented my work to other students at the university, and I am always happy to talk to anyone who asks about it.